Why Use GivingForKindness


Teaches Social Responsibility

A fundraiser in which everyone gets rewarded - the organization, participants, and the community around them.

GivingForKindness takes an innovative approach to fundraising that not only gives your school a new and unique way to raise money, but also provides students with the incredible opportunity to make a difference.   
As donations are made in the name of the student to the school, the student pays it forward by choosing ways in which to make a positive impact on their school, neighborhood, or social cause of choice. In other words, the whole community benefits from your school fundraiser - through acts of kindness performed by the students. 

Raises Funds For Your School

With Giving Back Campaigns, you keep 100% of what you raise!

For every donation made in recognition of a student's participation, your school keeps 100% of the donation minus the credit card processing fees.

Provides a Complete Fundraising Package 

Here at GivingForKindness, we are committed to helping you see your Giving Campaign through from start to finish. As a result, we’ve created an entire asset package for all of the schools that register with us, including a list of suggested ways to give back to the community, a recommended campaign schedule, informational handouts for parents, and so much more!

Technology that gives back

In addition to this being an eco-friendly approach to fundraising (there is a forest of trees out there saying thank you!), our platform saves your school loads of time by providing online fundraising pages for each student, customizable and automated emails that are pre-set to go out to donors, and online donation features. With the click of a few buttons, you have an entire fundraising campaign underway! 

Real-time tracking

As the fundraiser organizer, you have complete control over every step of your campaign, including monitoring donations in real time, checking on the participation of the students (acts of kindness completed, number of emails sent out, etc.), and tracking the progress towards meeting your fundraising goal.


Students’ privacy is of the utmost importance to us. All registration pages and student fundraising pages are private, and they will not appear on Google or other major search engines. Only people who are sent a direct link to a fundraiser page (i.e. friends, family, and sponsors) will be able to see it.
Whether in Pre-Kindergarten or 12th grade, every student has something that they can offer their community.

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