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As parents and grandparents with years of experience working in the nonprofit space, we felt like something was missing from the traditional model of fundraising. Specifically, we’ve seen a serious lack of campaign options that could check the altruistic box in addition to raising money.  
The idea that people must have an incentive in order to give to the cause they support - be it be it a cleaner car or a batch of home-made cookies - was troubling to us, and that’s not the message we wanted our children to receive about what it means to give. 
That's why we started GivingForKindness, a fundraising platform that allows everyone - our students, our community, and our schools - to be the beneficiaries. We strongly value the importance of community, and we feel it’s crucial to teach our children those same values, by giving them an active role in the fundraising process that encourages them to volunteer their time. 
Every school deserves the opportunity to get involved, which is why our platform is 100% free to use and participating schools keep every penny they raise (minus credit card processing fees). Our only goal is to see the giving pay itself forward. 

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