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Welcome to the GivingForKindness blog! We’re so excited to have you on board. 
I’m Kira, the self-appointed Content Queen of GivingForKindness (we all deserve a shot at royalty, am I right?) and I wanted to introduce myself and my team, as we’ll all be doing a lot of exploring and learning together down the line. 
Originally from New Jersey and having lived in several countries since, I’m a writer, traveler, and have a penchant for projects - like the newly launched G4K platform. I’m lucky to be part of an incredible team here, one that includes a brilliant tech master and business strategist who both have a ton of experience in the nonprofit space and wanted to change the way the world approaches fundraising. 
On that note - a word about why we started this thang: 
What were we thinking? Why does it really matter if kids volunteer in the communities around them, when selling brownies at a bake sale ultimately has the same money-raising effect? 
Except - it does matter. We strongly believe that the way we learn to relate to the community around us as children has a huge impact on our personal development as adults. And, while I haven’t done much fact-checking on this one, I can certainly back up this claim with my own anecdotal evidence:
Some of my most valuable life lessons have come from the kinds of experiences that GivingForKindness celebrates, from volunteering with special needs groups in the eighth grade to cleaning up trash and delivering food to people in impoverished neighborhoods in high school. 
As I ventured into young adulthood, these experiences encouraged me to spend a year volunteering in a sexual assault center, and after bouncing across the Mediterranean, I gave another two years teaching English to asylum seekers, to hopefully help them find their way to a better life. 
I won’t lie: I still have a lot of growing to do. But while each of these experiences have exposed me to diverse groups of people across an ocean (both literally and figuratively) of backgrounds, there is one common thread tying them all together: Every time I leave a setting in which I have given some part of myself, I know it is with an enriched mindset, a broader perspective, and a fuller heart. 
And if, through GivingForKindness, we can bring this same perspective to even one child or teenager, all of us on the G4K team would consider it a job well done. 
So - down to business. 
Treat this blog as your resource for all things giving, whether for general guides on how to run a successful school event or for a new take on spreading the giving past your community. We’ll be featuring our schools, sharing some stories, and working through fundraising kinks as we go along. 
If you’re like me and can’t tell your computer cursor from your Chrome, our Tech Guru is here to help; for any questions or concerns regarding registration and running Giving Back Campaigns, our Business Strategist and support team have your back. If you let us, we’re here to hold your hand through the entire fundraising process.
Thanks for coming along on the journey; I hope this is the beginning of a wonderful relationship. 
Kira and the G4K Team 

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