Socially-Conscious Fundraising:
What it is and Why it Matters

If you’ve had a chance to check us out, you might have seen that we’re loud and proud about supporting fundraising that is “socially conscious”. In fact, we’re so gung-ho about it that we’ve created an entire online fundraising platform allowing any school, team or organization to put together their own socially-conscious fundraiser without a hitch. 
That said, I do acknowledge that “socially-conscious fundraising” is a term we may or may not have created here at G4K headquarters - so let’s back up. 
What’s all this fundraising fuss? 
The practice of raising money from the people around us in order to fulfill a need has existed since the beginning of time. (Yup - we’re talking back to the Biblical era.) It was once simply called “charity,” and its focus was on connecting donors with a cause they believed in. 
Yet, over time, as it’s become easier and easier to reach audiences beyond the local village (thank you TV, Google, and social media!), charities have developed into full-on organizations, and fundraising has become professional rather than personal. 
Don’t get me wrong - this has made a lot of wonderful things possible, most of all that we’ve managed to raise awareness about thousands of important causes that once would have been left in the dark. (Anyone remember the Ice Bucket Challenge?) 
The thing is, it’s also become easy to lose potential donors in the noise; there are now so many charities and organizations to choose from that deciding where to give our money has become more about the most attractive fundraising activity and less about the cause itself. (Again - see the Ice Bucket Challenge for reference.)
Not only does this steal attention from fundamental and worthwhile causes, but we’re also not teaching each other - or future generations - any positive lessons about giving. 
That’s where socially-conscious fundraising comes in. It puts giving at the center of a fundraiser rather than as a mere byproduct. The goal is to infuse the act of raising money with a positive social element - to remember that fundraising is ultimately about helping people, and to once again connect donor with cause. 
But what does it really matter how we raise money if we’re doing it for a good purpose? Fair question.   

The main answer is that our kids are demanding more from us, and we need to do better for them. In fact, millennials have already shifted the way we approach giving as a society; a 2015 report found that millennials’ passion for a cause is the main motivator of their decision to donate money or not, but unlike with previous generations, they want proof that they are making a measurable impact. This, in turn, has influenced the way nonprofits are approaching their own fundraisers - and socially-conscious fundraising is the next piece of that puzzle. 


So, what does a socially-conscious fundraiser look like?  

It’s simple: A socially-conscious fundraiser makes a positive impact on your community while raising money for your cause of choice. With this type of fundraiser, everyone benefits - the participants, the donors, and the cause - as donations are made in response to acts of kindness rather than to a sale or an event. 
We’ve chosen to focus on schools in order to teach our kids the importance of community, but anyone can participate in socially-conscious fundraising! The most important thing is to create fundraisers that provide participants with an opportunity to give back. 
Ready to launch your own socially-conscious school fundraiser? We’re here to help! Just fill out this form, and a G4K team member will set up your Giving Back Campaign account. 
Do you have any socially-conscious fundraising ideas? Let us know in the comments below! 

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