Students make a positive impact on their community with this no-cost platform

Fundraising that builds character

A unique approach to fundraising

With the GivingForKindness fundraising platform, friends and family make donations in recognition of students' acts of kindness which, in turn, make a positive impact on their community.
Our youth are our future, and the best kind of education is the one that teaches life-long lessons - like giving to others.

Key Features

Each participant has their own fundraising page, where friends & family can see how they are impacting the community and donate.
Campaigns that are based on serving the community, rather than selling a commodity.
You keep every penny you raise! That's right: 100% of the funds go to your cause (minus credit card processing fees).
Automated emails go out to friends and family requesting donations.
Every donation received is met with an act of kindness; the giving never ends!
Unlike traditional fundraisers, every student has the chance to participate and make a difference.

What You Get

  • NO cost platform! (minus credit card processing fees)
  • Individual fundraising pages for students
  • Complete privacy
  • Customizable pre-set emails that go out to sponsors
  • Customizable list of suggested ways to give back
  • Custom resources and handouts for participants
  • Secure payment processing
  • A framework that helps build character
  • Totally green fundraising - it all happens online!

GivingForKindness was developed by PBCS Technology

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